Champions Vineyard

Champions Vineyard

The idea of Champions’ Vineyard came from Kaukaz – its main purpose is to celebrate and stress the presence of various artists that came across the De Sas Vineyard.
We have the feeling that each of our champions grows along with the grapevines they planted – they put down their roots here as well, becoming an important part of this place.
Each artist, who appeared here for a very certain reason (like concert, exhibition, etc.) is invited to plant their own grapevine, their own little plant on the Champions’ Vineyard.
Each one of our Champions receives a special-edition bottle of wine as a Christmas gift.
The Champions’ Vineyard is designed to grow in numbers; already quite a few artists have plant their grapevine here. See for yourself!

Wojtek Pilichowski  was the first artist who planted his grapevine on 14.02.2015, the day of the first concert in our winery.

Wojtek Trzciński – general contractor of The Cottage and our Winery.

Tymon Tymański planted his grapevine on 15.05.2015, marking the concert at the De Sas Vineyard performed by Tymon Tymański & The Transistors.

Leri Papidze – Georgian artist, ceramics, our dear friend since ever, whose beautiful works enrich the whole complex of the De Sas Vineyard.

Sebastian Riedl & The Cree – planting of their grapevine took place on 18.07.2015. And of course there was concert!

Krzysztof Jaowr & Rise of the Sun –

planted his grapevine on 18.07.2015, accompanied by dancing Indians.

Mike Russel & Levandek’s Funky Team – the grapevine was planted despite the rain, and a special tribal dance was performed to secure the plant growth and longevity. Mike Russel is a great American guitar player, vocalist and composer – he played at the De Sas Vineyard together with his Polish friends.

Natalia Lubrano & Maciek Czemplik  –

planted their grapevine on 25.06.2016, after giving an extraordinary concert for the De Sas Music Festival.

Maria Eliza & Eduardo Kusdra – stars of the De Sas Music Festival, came to us from Brazil and planted their grapevine on 25.06.2016, after performing a wonderful concert.

Natalia and her band gave a special performance celebrating the 25th anniversary of Wojtek Pilichowski’s musical career. Our Champion’s Vineyard is growing. Thank you!