Mufka gdzie?
Mufka gdzie?
Kaukaz gdzie?
Kaukaz gdzie?

“A bald headed man was walking one day when suddenly he was struck on his head by a large turtle and was killed. The turtle fell, because an eagle dropped it. The eagle dropped the turtle, because it had mistaken the man’s shiny baldhead for a rock. Some species of eagles had learned to carry turtles high above the ground and drop it onto a rock causing the turtle to break apart and release its meat. The bald guy was unlucky, as he was only on the way to have some wine with a friend and the eagle made a mistake.” With this simple story Simplicius of Cilicia demonstrated the two of the great dogmas of determinism originated by Democritus: physical determinism (fortune or coincidence) and logical necessity (inevitability). We are talking about our story here, about the path we had decided to take and that has brought us to the current state of affairs. We could also look at this story from the perspective of art:

“For something to happen
For something to be able to happen
For love to appear
One must dream
Rather be sorry than safe
Fall out of the frying pan into the fire
One must dream”

*fragment of a poem “One must dream”, by Jonasz Kofta

Whether was it fate, coincidence or our dreams that made it all happen, is today not important. The thing that matters most is that we have managed to emerge on the wine map of Poland, 51° 29′ 51″ N, 17° 26′ 57″ E. Czeszyce, a little village located 15 km from Milicz. It is here where we have found our own piece of heaven, and planted seeds to grow. It took some time and effort, but eventually they grew to be a 3ha vineyard, our vineyard. We have built a winery and a rustic-style tourist cottage. All of it located in a beautiful and serene environment, as our piece of ground is a part of the Barycz Valley Landscape Park. The Park itself is a well-known natural gem, protected under a special, international and pro-ecological program Living Lakes. To some, the landscape might resemble Burgenland – you may say it is a Polish Burgenland in Barycz Valley. Two in one – sounds proud, doesn’t it?

Come and visit us anytime,
Ania i Leszek