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It is hard to point out only the few things that we love about the Barycz Valley, however we would like to present you a list with our favorites activities. Let it be your inspiration – only sky is the limit here!

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Bird Watching

We are located in proximity to one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Europe so there are hundreds of birds’ species to observe.



Beside horse riding  and bird watching there are many other activities that Barycz Valley has to offer.

The valley of the river Barycz has a great and long natural and architectural history and throughout the time it has become one of the world’s most valuable ecosystems.See what else it has to offer!

Horse Riding

Barycz Valley has a great conditions for horse riding and it offers trails for both beginner and more advanced riders.

Below link to “U Macieja” equestrian centre – a popular horse riding venue in our beautiful region.


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Open air photography

Our neighbourhood is very popular among photographers, as it offers unique landscapes making it the very best spot for photo workshops and any kind of photographic endavours!


Besides beautiful lakes, forests and amazing animals there are many other places worth visiting.

Below link to website presenting wide range of attractions in our region.



Milicz Ponds

Within Barycz River Valley there is Poland’s largest nature reserve, considered one of many world-scale most valuable ecosystems – Stawy Milickie (Milicz Ponds). Takes your breath away when standing on the causeway between lakes you see hundreds of wild geese and cranes taking off, and hear flutter of wings, powerful like a locomotive.

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8 Ryb Restaurant

This Restaurant offers good variety of local dishes and provides a great dinning experience in sophisticated environment.


Other Dinning Options

Beside the highlighted options there are number of other fine restaurants and pubs located in the area.

Following link will redirect you to website with full list of recommended restaurants in Barycz Valley.

Bon Apetit!

Stary Młyn Restaurant

A superb restaurant serving great variety of regional and traditional dishes- Highly recommended!



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